What to bring with you during the hike


What you need to have during the hike

Appropriate equipment is the first requirement  to spend a pleasant day outdoors and carry out hiking activities  with no  trouble.

Each participant in the hike, regardless  of  the degree of difficulty of the hike and  his/her level of training, has to bring:

• Suitable footwear for trekking, with specific Vibram type soles. Boots  are not always necessary, but the use of specific footwear to walk on rough, steep and / or slippery paths is mandatory to participate in the excursion;

• A backpack;

• A waterproof and windproof jacket;

• Comfortable clothing that helps movements and is suitable for the season;

• Some replacement clothing (e.g.  underwear, a thermal shirt, socks);

• Gloves, headgear for the cold – a sun hat, sunglasses, suncream, lip stick;

• Insect repellent;

• Rain cover for the backpack;

• Drinks (about 1 l per person);

• Energetic bars, food, snacks;